Rita & Inês

Setembro 13, 2020


City Wedding Lisbon

wedding photographer

Nicole Sánchez

September 2020

2020 brought other ways to celebrate weddings. Many couples opted to still marry though registration at council offices. While the parties were postponed, making if official was, in some cases, the only celebration.

While rules and regulations changed very quickly, couples had diverse plans. It is important to keep alternative option open for backup plans. If that was important before, 2020 made if compulsory.

As a wedding photographer I kept available and in constant communication about changes and how that could affect my work or what we had established in the beginning. And that is the fundamental part to a successful and stress free event.

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Rita and Inês wedding celebrations turned out into three separate and different events. The first one took place at city hall in Lisbon, that brought close family to their oficial marriage registration, while the other two were done ata family house with their closest friends.

In a very personal way, they decided to unite together in a very light and casual summer day.

Since the city council in Lisbon is on a very busy avenue, we had just a few minutes to take some photos before their lunch, and the garden across the street served as the background for some portraits.

Lisbon can provide small spaces of nature even on the busiest streets. And this tree was the one chosen by them.