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Editorial & fashion photographer portugal

When we think about inspiration and we browse hundreds of Pinterest boards, we loose our minds. After all, those collages represent mainly one thing, inspiration! Therefore, at special occasions in my work path, I shoot editorial and fashion. Mainly, editorial work where I can also be part of the creative process, and fashion with brands that inspire me as well.

Whether on the street, sometimes with real life couples, or on studio with professional models, the aim is always the same, to take a documentary approach on the subject. So, for couples, inspiration is EVERYTHING! With this section, I hope to bring you a different approach. Although somewhat staged, most of these shots could be a real life wedding situation.

As for the fashion editorials, it is a step out of my comfort zone. It helps me with skills such as connection with the model. Nothing comes without training. I try to take some partnerships with brands that I value in terms of their work. Anekdot has been the longest collaboration so far. Definitely my dearest. Sofie designs and tailors underwear and swimwear based on a zero waste philosophy.

“Conscious Intimates”

“Each creation is ethically designed and hand-crafted to maintain the highest quality and least wastage. (…) Anekdot is an upcycle brand (…) we source our superb materials from production leftovers, end of line, off-cuts, deadstock and vintage trimming.”

Studio photography is also another step out of my comfort zone. Growing on this field, my work still remains in it’s essence, less directing, more moments. More spontaneity! Keeping things real and simple. But also playing with light. Learning the basics and shoot. So, I am eagerly hoping for new challenges. Great opportunities to push myself into something new.

Have a brand? Or wanting to share an ideia? Or an advice? Feel free to drop some lines at love.nimagens.com I am always, in constant seek for new adventures. Cheers!