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Min & Luis

Setembro 23, 2018


Destination Wedding Cascais

wedding photographer

Nicole Sánchez


When planing a wedding abroad, take into account several aspects. From the basics, for instance travel flights, documentation, translators. Portugal has therefore, in the last years, become very popular to destination weddings. Consequently, multiple options are now found outside the main touristic areas.

Because we are such a small country, it is therefore very easy to travel to either north or south. The islands are also very common places for destination wedding. The Azores being the newest destination. So it is of far most importance that the photographer you take, is familiar with the place, especially if it envolves long travels.

Above all, talk with your photographer before hand about the pros and cons of travel long distances. You can share this wedding or pin it on your favourite social media. In addition, you can also browse at my Pinterest moodboards, for some inspiration. And, for more information on my work as wedding photographer you can email me at . Cheers!