Winter park engagement by wedding photographer Nicole Sánchez JANUARY 2019.

This is the photo album of Laura and Adriano’s winter park engagement in Lisbon. This was the first time meeting them in person. Their request for the engagement photoshoot was a place that could resemble lisbon. And even though the park is not a unique characteristic of the town, it overviews the revier and bridge. The couple wore matching knitted sweaters, matching the foggy, rainy day in winter lisbon. Therefore resembling london, where they live.

Long time friends, Laura and Adriano mirror their complicity and friendship. So it was fairly easy to capture their cuddles, hugs, smiles and kisses throughout the walk. This is by far the most important aspect in a photo shoot, to be yourself. Consequently, their wedding photo reportage came out as lightly and smoothly as the photo session, transparent to emotions and their longtime friendship and love.


Winter in lisbon is very mild, allowing for sunny sessions all year long. Tapada das Necessidades, Jardim da Estrela, are some of my favourite parks to photowalk with couples. On the other hand, the city itself also provides amazing spots, Alfama and Graça just to name a few. For example, Min and Luis engagement photowalk, and Filipa and Artur portrait session for the wedding invitation.

Above all, it is of crucial importance to meet your photographer before hand. Schedule a short photo walk, get to know his/her way of work, and become comfortable with the ideia of having a camera around you. Further reading on this can be found here. Share this wedding or pin it on your favourite social media. In addition, you can also browse at my Pinterest moodboards, for some inspiration. And, for more information on my work as wedding photographer you can email me at . Cheers!