mini WED

BIG love

Marta & Bernardo

Julho 13, 2021

Lisbon mini wedding

wedding photographer

Nicole Sánchez

June 2021


After several rescheduling, the wedding ceremony took place at city hall. In a simple yet elegant and highly funcional, new mother Marta and Bernardo said their long waited 'yes I do'.

Civil ceremonies have restarted enabling couples to schedule their weddings. With some limitations to the number of attendees, and in very short ceremonies.

The wedding celebration took place at Parque das Nações, in a picnic outdoor amongst close family members.

What the couple did not fail to have was a champagne toast and wedding cake (by Miolo Lisboa).

Parties may have been delayed or postponed but weddings can now return in the new normality.

It's been hard for couples to regain hope in their celebrations. Amongst all the constant changes of rules in the wedding industry, the uncertainty, and also the will to celebrate, couples have sailed a tough year.

Yet, where there is hope there is a way, and new ways have been found to still make weddings happen inside the rules and regulations.

We will most certainly never forget these years, and hopefully a new normal will arrive soon.

For you, if you are getting married, do plan for alternatives, for changes, for flexibility, but most of all if you want to marry, do so. Always communicate with your vendors, ask for suggestions, make them aware of possible restrictions and changes. Make them even more involved. For sure they will be your best help.