Robin & Marco

Julho 23, 2022

Alentejo Portalegre

wedding photographer

Nicole Sánchez

July 2022


Alentejo can be very warm in the summer for an outdoor wedding, but that did not holdback Robin and Marco to celebrate from start to end, at Monte do Ramalho beautiful setting.

After postponing their wedding due to covid restrictions, in 2022 the event finally took place. Enjoying the full day, the couple were relaxed and at easy and all accommodations were provided to overcome the heat.

Hello Portugal Events were absolutely on top of every detail, overseeing the couple's needs and their wedding party. So it was good to capture moments, such as the band setting up, the flowers being brought and assembled, the ceremony arch being carried

All these little details, are portrayed throughout the day, so they are sometimes invisible but crucial for the wedding to take place. .

Travelling in Portugal to photograph a wedding can be a challenge. I care about my performance and rest, therefore, as much as possible I try to travel the day before, or sleep over to come back in the morning after.

As a photographer working in the summer at high temperatures, carrying water and food with me is not only essencial but vital, so is sun screen, sunglasses, and a change of clothes and deodorant, it can feel good to step in a fresh pair trousers or shirt.

Looking out for shade or event having a hat that combines with the surroundings can be a good extra to add. Carpool is also a good ideai wen travelling, not only for the obvious reason of carpooling, but also for the share drivers, so that we all take a rest.

As for you, if you are planning on a summer wedding in Portugal, make sure to get plenty of advice on your wedding organisers about the weather conditions at your location, to prevent heat exhaustion, sun burn and dehydration.