Winter walk in the park by wedding photographer Nicole Sánchez.

Families are like trees and flowers, they expand and grow, becoming stronger. The first time I photographed Patricia and Marco, was on their after wedding portraits. They wanted to redo some formal portraits that they did not manage to take on their wedding day. A few months later, they called me for some more photos, this time with baby Fred on the way. So further on they called me once again for a christmas day at Parque das Conchas, with their toddler already grown and energetic walker.

It is a challenge and a responsibility to follow these families and become their personal photographer. Most important, becoming their living memory, allowing them to keep visual treasures such as photos. Therefore, I recommend that these shoots are done in a place of comfort for the child, where they can feel at ease and be themselves. Starting at home, or taking a walk outside, as long as it feels natural for them, it comes out just perfect. Have a look at a summer walk at Parque das Conchas, see how different the light and vegetation look like. Still beautiful thou!


It is such a privilege to meet families from time to time and to document their growth. Marta and Paulo are my long time friends, consequently, I have become their family photographer. From engagement photos, to pregnancy, baby day to day routine, wedding and travels, it brings me so much joy to always picture them whenever possible. Above all, relationships are built, and new events become easier and smoother to photograph.

Families become comfortable with the ideia of having a camera around, and consequently photos come out spontaneously. Share this wedding or pin it on your favourite social media. In addition, you can also browse at my Pinterest moodboards, for some inspiration. And, for more information on my work as wedding photographer you can email me at . Cheers!