Fernando Namora,

in "Mar de Sargaços"

"Sê como a onda que morre para outra começar"



Praia da Parede - Lisboa Portugal

"Onda que vais morrendo em nova onda,
mar que vais morrendo noutro mar, (...)"

fashion photographer praia da parede - two girl in bikini laughing

rostos e cabelos

fashion photographer praia da parede

Collaborative piece with Anekdot boutique swim wear. A sustainable brand from swedish designer Sofie, based in Germany. Her pieces fully speak for themselves. Elegant, and yet bold. They fit comfort and design in the best combination. As a result, the girls portrayed felt empowered. This was therefore a main source of inspiration while shooting. The ‘models’ chosen were my girl friends. For me it was crucial that the girls felt at easy and comfortable with me portraying them. Surprisingly, they all commented how easy the sessions were.

It is common to receive feedback from the girls, on how well they liked to see themselves portrayed. Since I do not work with professional models that often, these shoots enable me to direct a bit more, to create a broader story line, and to make some art direction. Praia da parede, just a few minutes from Lisbon, is a small beach line, therefore perfect for this shot. So heading early to the shots, was a perfect combination on a hot summer day.

sunny bright and rocky beach

For the swim suit collection my aim was to reflect the girl’s character and life story to the pieces and the location. The first were chosen by them individually, the second, was a mutual agreement. So, these assignments allow me to experiment, to free my self from preconceptions, and to elaborate on the artistic part.

I’ve met Olivia at musical saturdays at Rua das Pretas and had already invited her to model for me at Monsanto  urban art urban jungle inspiration. As for Mariana, a long time friend. Her laugh and good spirit, lightens even the brightest days. The physical contrast of both girls was just superficial. They are shinny souls full of love and laughter!

As a fashion photographer praia da parede, I aimed at portraying the swim suit pieces that fitted the girls best with their character. Have a look at this one at Adraga beach in Sintra.