Bride's inspiration can be found in these fashion shoots for Rita Álvares Pereira dresses. For two years since we first met, I've partnered with Rita to photograph her wedding dresses. Sophisticated, modern, romantic, bold, disrupted. We sometimes even call it 'the anti bride'. Furthermore, we plan some stylised shots from time to time, with real couples, to showcase similar to life situations. Above all, the dresses feel comfortable, light, and magical. And most of the models dared to say "I would absolutely marry in this dress".

Maio 23, 2018

Bride’s Inspiration

Bride inspiration wedding photographer.

Choosing a dress is a task of greatest importance for a bride (or for two). Rita can certainly make your task easier. In love with weddings, her journey emerged from planning weddings up to making bride’s dresses. Taking her bold approach to a higher level, Rita Costumista takes each bride in to her heart and soul (and sometimes some tears). She designs unique dresses for that important day.

Further more, Rita creates an emotional bond. She relates to each story, and lives it very intensely. Her atelier can be found in Lisbon, you must schedule a visit before hand. Above all she dedicates her love for love through her designs. So, every year she donates one dress to Saint Anthonie’s brides. A traditional festivity in June where couples from lisbon wed in a television broadcasted ceremony. This is the most celebrated day in lisbon.

Most of these shoots happen in places different to usual bride’s portraits. We take our brides to everyday places. O crossing bridges. With grafiti, or urban art displays as backgrounds. In a theatre, and even at a farmer’s markets. Some of the dresses were worn by real couple in several editorial shoots. Some of Rita’s dresses and designs have also been worn by Claudia Pascoal, our Eurovision participant of the 2018 music contest. And also by soprano singer Bárbara Barradas, a longtime admire of Rita’s work.


So, in conclusion, if you choose to have a designer’s dress, meet him/her, dig into their work, and look for portfolio even before you visit them at their atelier. Most of the times the first visit is free but expect to pay for a sketch if you wish to go further, a full detail of the investment shall be provided.

It is of most importance that you predict your budget before hand to see if you match your designer’s market value. Of course there are a million options online, feel free to bring your inspiration, but don’t ask for an exact copy of what you’ve found. Cheers!

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